Working closely with its clients, Ellinghorst IR focuses on long-term communication strategies that enhance a company`s profile in the financial market. This leads to an improved awareness and understanding of the company which is ultimately the driving force behind its appropriate market valuation.

Equity Story

Based on the detailed knowledge of a company's business and a sound understanding of the investor community`s needs, Ellinghorst IR is able to create an equity story that improves the perception of the company in the financial market. Developing a long-term communication concept and pro-actively managing newsflow minimises the effect of negative surprises. This guarantees the sustainable improvement of investor confidence, encancing the corporate image and reducing the volatility of share price performance.

IR Performance Measurement

How do investors and analysts rate your investor relations work?
Ellinghorst IR conducts perception studies to provide its clients with direct feedback from the financial community. This can be used as an instrument for optimising your investor relations approach and also for supporting your IR department`s internal positioning, e.g. as an integral part of variable renumeration models.

Financial Market Trends

Analytical methodology, financial instruments, portfolio structures and investors` focus are in constant flux, leading to ever new and changing IR communication requirements. Ellinghorst IR has built up a broad network that enables us to pro-actively identify these trends and help our clients keep pace with the latest market requirements. 

Shareholder Structure

What does a well-balanced shareholder structure look like for your company? Are you reaching your target investors and are these satisfied with the way you keep them formed? Does your key message come across the way you intended? We collect and analyse shareholder data, develop concepts to improve the shareholder structure and support our customers in implementing them.