A company's investor relations website is an important platform for helping analysts and investors find information. The financial community uses it as a convenient tool for getting a first impression of the company or in order to search for specific information. Therefore it is essential that the required content can be gathered quickly and thoroughly and that the website reflects the overall communication concept

Benchmark Analysis

We analyse whether an IR website fulfils important criteria in terms of equity story, service, freedom of barriers, performance and design by taking into account independent IR website rankings and current trends.

Action Plan

What are you intending to achieve with your web presence and what is your target group? Based on a benchmark analysis we develop an action plan that takes into account the level of information our clients would like to provide, the target investors and the available resources.


Ellinghorst IR offers support in the realisation of the action plan. This includes the restructuring and modification of the web site's content by using the client`s content management system. If required, we build up contacts to other reliable web service providers, like web-designers, and act as an intermediate.